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Privileges for tokens owners
  • A certificate for 3 free visits to VR park in any country with the right of full or partial transfer to the third party
  • The right to become Company’s representative in the operation area with further getting of interests from sold franchises
  • The right to become an auditor in the operation area with right to get unconditioned award which makes 2% of the territorial representative’s profit, and also the right mentioned in the previous point
  • The right to get master franchise for one territorial group
  • The right to become a member of the Board of Directors of head company VRCOIN with the right to have electronic signature in major contracts


Technological breakthrough

Players around the world can enjoy an unprecedented level of immersion in the game, manage their avatar with their own movements, and interact with other players and surroundings.

Our technological solution is a breakthrough in the VR games industry. We have not just a prototype, but a working project with an entirely new level of gaming interaction among users within our ecosystem.



VRCOIN is the future of the world of entertainment and e-Sports

Our platform is a combination of games with full immersion in virtual reality, streaming platform with a possibility to broadcast in TV/OTT/VR formats and the service of digital distribution of entertainment programs in VR with social network elements and internal marketplace. We are deeply convinced that the development of VR technologies is inevitably connected with their socialization. Nowadays e-sports niche is actively developing, thousands of players are addicted to watching e-sports tournaments.


TOKEN SALE scenario

100,000,000 VRT tokens will be created
Token price
1 ETH = 500 VRT .
VRcoin token will be released according to the ERC20 standard. Tokens purchased for ETH will be issued to users wallets in the Ethereum blockchain with a closed balance in a smart contract.
Unsold during TOKEN SALE tokens will be destroyed. The number of tokens in the blockchain will always be fixed. The increase in the number of tokens is prohibited.
The VRT token is a product token. Our team will provide a steadily growing token price by increasing the number of VR parks around the world, and by creating new services that can be paid with this token. Owners of the tokens purchased during the TOKEN SALE will be able to become members of the VRCOIN affiliate program up to obtaining a regional master franchise.

Exchange rate

1 ETH = 750 VRT
From the 10th to the 25th of September
On this stage it is planned to raise up to 200,000 USD, the bonus for buyers at this stage will be 50 percent.
pre-Token Sale
1 ETH = 650 VRT
From the 10th to the 20th of October
On this stage it is planned to raise up to 1 000 000 USD, the bonus at this stage will be 30 percent.
Token Sale
1 ETH = 500 VRT
From the 20th of November to the 20th of December.
Token Sale - scheduled to be held from the 20th of November to the 20th of December. On this stage we are planning to raise up to 25,000,000 USD, for Token Sale participants a bonus of 20 percent will be available for the first 3 days and 10 percent till the end of the first week.

Distribution of tokens and budgets

  • Marketing 30%
  • Construction of
    game parks25%
  • Cybersport league15%
  • Creation of games20%
  • VRCenter service10%
  • Available for participants75%
  • For the founders of
  • Bounty5%

Token value

The stable growth of the price of tokens will be
provided due to a constant increase in the number
of services and the expansion of the geography
of the presence of VR parks around the world.

Use of tokens

For developers​:

  • Possibility to purchase a franchise in order to open gaming VR parks at a discount
  • Acquisition of Full-body Tracking technology in order to create their own projects (only available for owners of tokens)


For players :

  • Acquisition of content or services with a discount of up to 70%
  • Access to unique game contents or items.


get the VRCOIN
at the best price.
Get a unique offer with a deposit of more than 50 BTC.

Road map


VRCOIN placement on the exchanges for free trading

I QUARTER - 2018

Launching a VRCenter service, which allows you to keep statistics and the achievements of players and conduct decentralized game tournaments


Global expansion on Chinese, Japanese, North American and European markets.

Opening a store for purchasing of our products using cryptocurrency and its integration into VRcenter



Release of beta versions of games for at-home use with the system of multiplayer and matching teammates, based on the statistics of players from VRcenter.

I QUARTER - 2019

Launching our own e-Sports league. Carrying out qualifying competitions among players and teams with the best results


Release of beta version of a streaming service.

Carrying out first professional e-Sports tournaments with wide media coverage and attraction of sponsors




Launching new directions of game contents of different genres.


Holding the leading position as a developer of VR games with e-Sports сomponents

Press about us

Our team

Konstantin Negachev
Eugeny Malamud
Dmitry Livshin
Maxim Zemskov
Backend Teamlead
Alexander Ovchinnikov
Blockchain Developer
Fedor Gladovsky
Senior Web Developer
Ivan Zaytsev
Marketing Manager
Neema Teymory
Blockchain Consultant
Igor Berezovskiy
Business analyst
Eric Benz
Igor Vasiliadis
Adviser and Consultant
Daria Arefieva
Blockchain Ambassador
Dmitry Machikhin
Iskander Sultanov
Sergey Chernyshov